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Absolute Scuba, the only SSI ECO Logical Dive Center in Padang Bai, invites all divers and activists in the dive industry to help look after the reefs and the marine environment in our area.

We at Absolute Scuba, feel that this is a very important issue that needs all of the dive industries attention, not only to preserve our delicate eco system that is at constant risk from pollution, boat anchorage, line fishing and irresponsible diving practices, but also to the dive industry as a whole, because after all, if the reefs are damaged and the beauty has gone then so are our customers, and our businesses. Not to mention the impact on the environment and what we will be leaving behind for our children.

Therefore, Absolute Scuba asks for your help in our efforts to keep our reefs clean. To make the events as attractive as possible to all our prospective dive participants, we have asked local retailers to help by donating small goods from their operations so we can give the divers who collect the most rubbish from the dive, a small prize every month.

We at Absolute Scuba will advertise the clean ups on our web pages, our blogs and by posting banners in and around our dive resort and also in the participating retail outlets. We will also supply the dive guides to accompany the participants to ensure their safety, all the tanks, weights and equipment needed and the boats for the participants to get to the dive sites.

Each dive participant will be charged a US$38 fee from the basic running costs of the event will be taken, i.e.; food, petrol for the boats, scuba equipment when needed, one tank, weights and any additional boat hire. The balance will then go towards reef and marine ecology projects such as putting in an artificial reef in the surrounding area and help support the local reef watch group ‘OCEAN CARE’.

Please check our schedule for the implementation of reef cleaning in dive sites activities. :

Cleaning Reef Activities schedule




3rd April


1st May


5th June


3rd July


7th August


4th September


2nd October


6th November


4th December

After the dive has been concluded we will also host a barbeque at our on-site restaurant, the Buddha bar and Restaurant, where we will present the person who has collected the most rubbish for the day with a prize.

In addition to a free of charge invite to the events, all retailers who support us in our venture will have their company logos on all advertising material and special recognition on our web pages.

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