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Amed - Cemeluk Dive Site

Amed is a 1 ½ hour drive from Padang Bai and has some of the best macro life in Bali. Set against a backdrop of black sand and often stunning walls, it is a great place to take some truly memorable photographs. Pyramids dive site:  5 minutes from the main beach in Amed, Pyramids is a sandy slope that leads down to a series of man-made pyramids- hence the name! The pyramids are made out of a mixture of tires and metal boxes and house some extraordinary macro life. If you get far enough along the site for you to turn the corner, the sandy bottom turns into a beautiful wall where there is sometimes a good chance of spotting turtles. Jemeluk dive site: A 2 minute boat ride from the main beach in Amed, Jemeluk is probably one of the most spectacular wall dives in the whole of Bali. Bunutan dive sites:  A 10 minute boat ride from the main beach on Amed, Bunutan is a sandy slope with occasional large coral bommies. Moray eels, lion fish and nudibranchs can easily be found here.

If Blue Lagoon is our ‘house reef’, then Cemeluk must be known as the ‘great wall’. Using the local Junkung (outrigger boats), to access the site, you and your Absolute Scuba guides will be dropped off to explore the 3 deep-drop off walls. Expect to see moray eels, trigger, scorpion and parrot fish.

Open Water diver
Type Coastal reef, deep drop off (3 walls), Japanese Wreck
Acces 1:00 hour by car from Padang Bai. Small traditional Outrigger boats (Jukung) take us to the walls
Coral Good variety of hard and soft coral on the vertical walls
Good variety of tropical fish, grouper, trigger, scorpion and parrot fish (Bump heads), moray eels, some reef sharks
None to very mild, easy dive site, perfect conditions for beginners
25m+ (June - October)
Note No diving after heavy rain (December - March)
Highlight Excellent for macro photography, tunicates, anemone, mimic octopus, ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorse at the Japanese Wreck


Mola Mola Sunfish Bali operates from Padang Bai Beach Resort, set on the sandy beach of a picturesque village right in the heart of Mola Mola country.

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