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Tulamben Liberty Ship Wreck

Take a drive, and see a piece of living history. Well, maybe not living with people, but certainly living with a huge variety of corals, sponges and fish! The Liberty ship-wreck provides a home to many species of coral and fish, and provides a fascinating look at once-active wartime ship.

The USAT Liberty Wreck: Bali's most famous dive site. Built circa WWI this cargo ship was equipped with guns for WWII, torpedoed by the Japanese off Lombok; despite attempts to tow the ship to N Bali it was taking on too much water so was semi-beached at Tulamben. Over the years anything reusable was removed. In 1963, with the earth tremors from the last eruption of Mount Agung, the wreck slid further down the slope where it still lies (as close to the beach as it can be and still be underwater!).

The Liberty lies approximately 30m offshore almost parallel to the beach on the sand slope and is suitable for all levels of qualification and experience. The wreck lies in depths from 9-30m; the shallowest part of the wreck, where it touches the sand slope, is at 5-10m. Depth along the middle of the wreck is 16-20m. The lower edge of the wreck, ie: furthest down the slope, is 20-28m (at high tide). The wreck is 120m long, it's pretty broken up (ie: no penetration possible) but you can still see the guns, toilets, boilers, anchor chain, etc. It is a lovely dive site, possibly the world's easiest wreck dive.

You can also snorkel on the wreck - the highest point of the stern is about 4m below the surface.

Open Water diver
Type Coastal reef, deep Drop-off and Liberty Ship Wreck
Acces 1 hour by car from Padang Bai. Dive starts direct from the beach, wreck is only 30m off shore
Coral Good variety of hard and soft corals, ship wreck is completely covered, huge barrel sponges and large sea fans at the Drop-off
High density, over 400 species live at the wreck, surgeon, rabbit fish welcome divers, big potato groupers live at the wreck, garden eel's at the shallow parts
Non or very mild, easy dive site, perfect conditions for all divers
25m+ (best June-October)
Note Bali's most popular dive site
Highlight Gigantic swirl of schooling big eye trevallies above the wreck


Mola Mola Sunfish Bali operates from Padang Bai Beach Resort, set on the sandy beach of a picturesque village right in the heart of Mola Mola country.

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